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Heritage Restoration


Talks began about the restoration of this Toronto Landmark in early 2015. Towards the end of that same year Bluemount was officially commissioned to handle the exterior restoration. Work then began in the spring of 2016 to bring back the natural beauty of this iconic Heritage structure.

The project had many intricate parts which required the erection of an engineered scaffold that was wrapped around the entire building with pedestrian overhead protection on the city sidewalks. It being located in a high traffic downtown intersection at the corner of King St E and Jarvis, coordination was required with Ontario hydro, TTC,  and city traffic officers just to name a few. The roof was replaced to match the original design and finishing. Also, the original windows were preserved with many custom milled wooden parts in order to save the integrity of the building.

The largest portion of the restoration was in the masonry work. Over 1500 bricks were imported from England to replace and match the original deteriorated bricks dating back to 1833. Seventy percent of the building required tuck pointing. Bluemount sourced and imported limestone mortar from Portugal which is used for many ancient historical buildings in Europe. The finished product was well received from the Toronto Heritage Board in which Bluemount was praised for. Bluemount looks forward and puts pride into preserving the Historical Landmarks in the City of Toronto.

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