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Since the age of nine, my summer and winter holidays consisted of my father taking me to construction sites and high-rise commercial buildings. At a young age my father had me doing some sort of labour while teaching me the essentials of construction. My father retains a Master License in both Heating and Plumbing. His client list had the appreciation of Conrad Black, Ed Mirvish and many of Toronto’s largest Property Management companies. At the age of 23 after saving all my pennies, I purchased my first investment property, a tri-plex and I began to do extensive renovations. Over the years, I have purchased other investment properties, retrofitted them into modern apartments and continued to rent them. I guess you can call me a young Mr.Furley as well. After working on my very first personal project, I began to understand the importance of cost effective construction along with the crucial and strategic planning it requires. Accurate scheduling and budgeting is everything!



Since 2011 Bluemount Contracting saw a new beginning, development. After years of hands on experience in renovating rental units to both building and fire code, practicing budgeting techniques to conclude past projects and most importantly coordinating and managing projects, Bluemount began to purchase post war bungalows and convert them into two-story single family home gems. Focusing on our own projects was a new learning curve. Today Bluemount has the resources to take on any size of project.
In 2013 Bluemount went back to the roots in which my father introduced me to, commercial construction. Bluemount quickly expanded its client list working with many of Toronto’s Tier one Property Management companies, architects, and designer firms taking on some large scale commercial projects in all areas, working on some of the oldest historical buildings in Toronto. We have taken on projects that other contractors shied away from because of the intricacies that were involved.

2015 was a very promising year for our growth being awarded the contract to work on the restoration of one the most Historical iconic buildings in Toronto, working together with both the client and the City of Toronto’s Heritage board. The scope of work included many components of exterior restoration, having to import historical materials from Europe to maintain the integrity of the historical landmark.


Bluemount has earned a reputation for thinking creatively to tackle difficult situations in a very cost effective manner. Bluemount always looks out for the client’s best interest both financially and long term. Don’t take our word for it, upon request for references our clients will gladly attest to it. A mentor once taught me, “Be honest, sincere, and look to save the client money and you will have a client for life”. Building and construction costs can add up quickly and we can appreciate anyone’s budget. This is Bluemount’s practice!

As for my father, his knowledge has earned him his own talk show on CHIN Radio educating Italian seniors how to maintain and upgrade their homes to be energy efficient through government rebate programs not to mention how many times he has been asked to give lectures at Colleges across Ontario and U of T University.




Contractor Check is an independent third party health and safety pre-qualification accreditation program for contractors that have demonstrated a commitment to Health & Safety competency. Contractors undergo a complete Assessment of their Health & Safety policies, procedures, training and insurance compliance. Bluemount is an accredited Contractor.


Bluemount is covered under WSIB and our account is always in good standing. Clearances are available upon request before any work is commenced to ensure the above. 

City Of Toronto

Bluermount is a fully licensed General Contractor in the City of Toronto.


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